A theft was spotted in the Lake Gardens home of actor Rituparna Sengupta last week, for which the actor lodged a complaint with the Lake police station on Sunday.

Some gold ornaments were spotted missing and for which the actor complained to the police. Dr Sakuntala Chakraborty, mother-in-law of the actor said that they were yet to find out the total amount of the ornaments stolen. Sources said that there was a renovation work going on in the house and some staff of pest control agency were also working in the house. However, Dr Chakraborty said that they were not sure who stole the ornaments.

The actor was out of the city and when she returned home this weekend she found ornaments missing and soon a search was on, but the ornaments could not be traced, so she decided to lodge a police complaint. Rituparna said that she had brought out the ornaments to home for attending the wedding party of a family friend, otherwise such ornaments are not brought out of the bank locker. “Important documents other than ornaments were also stolen. The theft was spotted on Saturday. Even they took away some film agreements. Its a substantial loss. Police are trying. We spotted the theft on Saturday night. There are number of domestic helps in the house, but I don’t suspect any one.”

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