Adventure Media – About Us

Adventure Media Bangladesh is the leading media production house in Bangladesh engaged in a wide range of activities which include production of Drama & Drama serials, Music videos, Variety shows, Magazine Program, Musical Program, Documentaries etc.

Adventure Media Bangladesh also provides full professional & technical support to interested parties and individuals for production of short film, Drama, Commercials, Musical Program, Documentaries, Magazine Program etc.

Adventure Media Bangladesh has the expertise and is equipped to
Prepare standard script for the most effective presentation of your product.

1. Actual production of the Ad with the best artists.

2. Screen your Ad through various other channel of your choice.

3. Prepare the Ad for screening in any required format.

Adventure Media Bangladesh can give you full professional and technical support to produce your own media production. It can be short film, drama, advertisement features, music show, band show, feature film, documentaries, TV reporting, magazine program and many more.

Equipment Supports :

Top-of-the-line equipment are Beta and U-Matic camera, tripod with ENG kit, dynamic head phone, boom microphone, production mixer, edit controller, preview monitor capture card, discreet logic software and also video mixer with special effect generator with high speed lenses, zoom lenses, magazines, video assist, power packs. Innumerable lights both HMI (blue light for day shooting) and Tungsten lights (for studio), cranes, trolleys and steadycams etc. are easily available.
Individual operators for each of the equipment are available at affordable rates.